Blast furnace PN1 Eco 10-12 kW
  • Blast furnace PN1 Eco 10-12 kW

Blast furnace PN1 Eco 10-12 kW


Color Technical Parameters:

  • Nominal Heating Capacity: 12 kW
  • Maximum heating capacity: 15 kW
  • The heated area: about 150 m2
  • Total height: 950 mm
  • Total width: 350mm x 630mm
  • The color weight: 70 kg
  • The diameter of the tube: 150 mm
  • The diameter of the tube: 120 mm
  • The door of charge: 275mm x 200mm
  • The door: 275mm x 27mm
  • Number of sheets in the oven: 8 is.
  • The coat size: 350 mm x 230 mm H: 550 mm
  • recommended fuel: massive
  • The CE label: YES
  • standard compliance : EN13240:2006

Technical data of the ventilator:

  • Type of ventilator: pressure
  • The diameter: 250 mm
  • Supply: 230V / 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 0.30 A
  • Rotation speed: 1300 rpm
  • Air consumption - 1250 m3h
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The PN1 ECO have a small, parochial and efficient heating equipment that is ideal for the heating of small industrial spaces such as workshops, oven, tunnels or garages. Malka oven is a cheap and effective heat source. The product, thanks to the performance with laser cutting and CNC pressing brakes, has an aesthetic and modern look.

Dinner PN1-Eco consists of a comprehensive burning camera made of a steel sheet, which is drawn and isolated by shamot leaves. Shamot strawberries very well protect the oven from burning and at the same time keeps and disperses heat for a long time after burning the fire. The entire burning camera is surrounded by an efficient air coating, where the air is heated. In the cave used 19 x 30 cm large garlic remains made in Poland in Lithuania.

From the air cover, an effective axial ventilator pumps heated air to one output f = 150 mm the oven in the top. The ventilator with diameter f = 250 mm is a oven installed in the back wall and works at a speed of 1300 - 1550 rpm.

Domnas PN1 Eco instrukcija

Our swallowed oven has a comfortable large curtain and a furnace panel door with an amortisator to regulate the air trail under the rear. The door is closed with a glass fiber technical cable, which guarantees the tight burning camera thickness.

A manual drawing regulator is installed in the curtain output, which also significantly affects the fuel efficiency, making well-heated air pass through the explosions of the top plate of the curtain.

To move the hot air in the right direction or in a specific room, put spiral-shaped aluminum-located tubes on the currents available in our store, which can be easily connected and moved in any direction.

Our company manufactured PN1 Eco is equipped with all the necessary certifications and licences, as well as a 2-year manufacturer guarantee.

By ordering the PN1 domain, you will receive a fully working device and an axial pressure fan, which is delivered along with the oven.

How to choose the right idea?

Color heat power is one of the main and most important parameters of the device, as it determines its efficiency - heat power. It should be noted that the heating efficiency of the stone depends on many factors such as: the type of fuel used, the degree of isolation of the building, the type of windows, ventilation, outdoor temperatures. Color power is optimally chosen according to the formula: 1kW x 10m2, respectively , 15kW baker uses an approximate calculation: 15kW x 10m2 = 150m2 (at 150m2 heating area).

Declaration + Instructions

Each cake color has a data sheet with the most important technical parameters, a CE labelling and a specification of the standards enforced, as well as a product certification authority. There are instructions for use in Polish.

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