Waste container 120 L (plastic)

  • The volume (l) 120
  • The weight (kg) 11,3
  • Allowed load (kg) 48
  • The height (mm) 935
  • The width 480
  • The depth (mm) 560
  • The diameter of the wheels (mm) 200
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Plastic waste containers with 2 wheels and covers are very durable, conveniently served by public transport and compactly transported.Made from HDPE (high density polyethylene) and complies with the European standard EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1.The containers are resistant to chemicals and islands; tested even at -40 oC.The temperature of the material is +135 oC.The containers are easy to clean and keep the original appearance for a long time.We offer containers in standard colors: green, grey, blue and yellow; the rest of the colors on request.Provided volumes: from 60 l to 340 l.

Product Details

Data sheet

480 mm
11.3 kg
935 mm
560 mm
120 liter
Wheel diameter
200 mm
Permissible load
60 kg
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