NOCO GB150 Booster Release Device


Booster model: GB150, voltage: 12V, max.start current: 3000A, weight: 2.72 kg, lead length: 0.635 m,

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GB150 is a compact but powerful lithium-ion lens starter for 12 volt batteries.Using it, you can safely activate the dead battery in a few seconds - up to 80 times with one charge.It is safe against errors, making it safe for everybody to use, and it has sound-resistant technology as well as the protection of the opposite polarity.The GB150 lithium lens starter is integrated with a high-power 500 lumen LED lamp with seven light modes, it loads up to one year and has a USB battery set for loading personal devices on the road - up to 12 smartphones.GB150 is characterized by fast charging technology that charges a little more than three (3) hours, as well as an additional 12 volt port for the operation of tyres, inverters, light, etc.Power is 4000 ampers and suitable for use with benzin and diesel engines up to 10 liters and more, such as car, ship, truck, pickup with diesel engines, tractor and others.Includes GB150, HD battery scoop, USB charging cable, XGC plug with plug, XGC female plug, XGC cable and micro-fiber storage bag.

Power of 3000A
Joula 3S rating 22 500 J3S
Battery Types: 12 Volt Swine Acid Batteries
USB input: 2.1 ampere
USB output: 2.1 ampere
XGC entrance: 12 VDC, 5 ampere fast charging (3 hours recharge)
XGC output: 12 VDC, 15 ampere power source (i.e., tires, inverters, LED lights and others)
Benzine engines of 10.0l and more
Diesel engine for 10.0l and more
LED lamp with 500 lumens

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