Blast furnace PN3 10-12 kW + controller


Technical parameters of the furnace:

  • furnace heating power: 20 ~ 25 kW
  • exhaust air temperature: 180 ~ 220 ° C
  • overall height: 1,320 mm
  • total width: 760 mm x 490 mm
  • oven weight: 210 kg
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Technical data of the fan

  • type of fan: pressure
  • diameter: 350 mm
  • power supply: 230V / 50Hz
  • engine: 4P
  • current consumption: 0.58A
  • power consumption: 130W
  • rotational speed: 1400 rpm
  • air flow - 3110 m3 / h
  • safety: protective net
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The PN3 blast furnace manufactured by our company is an efficient heating device used for heating workshops, industrial halls, drying rooms and tunnels. The innovative design of the furnace guarantees efficient and effective heating of industrial premises.

The blast furnace can be fired with various solid fuels, such as wood, coal, briquettes, etc. However, it is not recommended to use high-calorific fuels such as coke, as very high temperature may damage the grate.

The PN3 blower furnace is made of a capacious combustion chamber made of thick furnace sheet lined with an insulating chamotte plate. Fire- clay bricks perfectly protect the sheet metal against burnout and keep the collected heat for a long time. The furnace combustion chamber is surrounded by an efficient air jacket made of furnace sheet, in which the air temperature reaches 180-220 ° C (depending on the fuel used). Efficient and quiet axial fan with a diameter of ϕ = 350 mm and air flow of 3110 m3 / h, transports the heated air to two air outlets with a diameter of ϕ = 150 mm, located on the top plate of the furnace. The furnace hearth (45 × 35 cm) is equipped with a removable grate with dimensions of 30 x 20 cm.

Our blow-in furnace has a large and comfortable door of the furnace and ash pan, ensuring easy access to the interior of the combustion chamber and allows you to burn even large logs of wood and large lumps of coal. A flame deflector is installed in the upper part of the furnace , which prevents hot exhaust gases from entering the chimney directly. This significantly increases the efficiency of combustion and fuel use, reduces costs and the frequency of loading. All furnace doors with blowing are sealed with a fiberglass sealant -   a technical cord . A manual draft regulator is installed in the chimney outlet .


In the air jacket, there are diaphragms that make the air circulate around the furnace and the well-heated air escapes through the blowing holes in the top cover of the furnace. In order to bring the heated air to another room or to a specific place, connect aluminum flexible spiral pipes to the air outlets, through which we transport the air to the selected place. Spiro pipes with a length of 1 m, stretching up to 3 m, are of course available in our offer. By using a splitter, you can distribute warm air to several different rooms.

The blown stove produced in our company has a 2-year warranty and the required certificates and permits.

We connect the stove with the fan with the  SCL 1515 or DS-100 controller.



The dimensions of the furnace:




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