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Blast furnace PN1 Eco 10-12 kW
  • Blast furnace PN1 Eco 10-12 kW

Blast furnace PN1 Eco 10-12 kW


Furnace technical parameters:

  • Rated heating power:   12.00 kW
  • Maximum heating power:   15.00 kW 
  • Heated area:  about 150 m2
  • Overall height: 950 mm
  • Overall width: 350mm x 630mm
  • Furnace weight:  70 kg
  • Blow pipe diameter:  150 mm
  • Chimney pipe diameter:  120 mm
  • Loading door:  275mm x 200mm
  • Fireplace door:  275mm x 27mm
  • Number of fireclay bricks in the furnace:  8 pcs.
  • Hearth dimensions:  350 mm x 230 mm H: 550 mm
  • recommended fuel: solid wood
  • CE Mark:   YES
  • standard compliance:   EN13240:2006

Fan technical data:

  • Fan type: pressure
  • Diameter: 250mm
  • Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
  • Current consumption: 0.30 A
  • Rotation speed: 1300 rpm
  • Air consumption - 1250 m3/h
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The PN1  ECO blast furnace  is a small, handy and efficient heating device that is ideal for heating small industrial spaces such as workshops, kilns, tunnels or garages. A wood stove is an inexpensive and efficient source of heat. The product, thanks to the execution with the help of laser cutters and CNC press brakes, has an aesthetic and modern look.


The PN1-Eco blast furnace consists of a capacious combustion chamber made of steel sheet, which is lined and insulated with fireclay bricks. Fireclay tiles protect the stove stove from burning out very well and at the same time retain and give off heat long after the fire is extinguished. The entire combustion chamber is surrounded by an efficient air jacket in which the air is heated. The oven uses a 19 x 30 cm cast iron grate made in a Polish foundry.

From the air jacket, an effective axial fan blows heated air to one outlet  ϕ = 150 mm  in the upper part of the furnace. A blowing fan with a diameter of  ϕ = 250 mm is installed in the rear wall of the furnace and operates at a speed of 1300 - 1550 rpm.

Blast furnace PN1 Eco instructions

Our blown stove has a convenient large firebox and an ash pan door with a damper to regulate the air draft under the grate. The door is sealed with a fiberglass technical cord, which guarantees a tight seal of the combustion chamber.

A manual draft regulator is installed in the chimney outlet, which also significantly affects the efficiency of fuel use, which causes well-heated air to exit through the blast holes in the top plate of the furnace.

To direct hot air in the right direction or in a specific room, install spiral aluminum flexible pipes on the chimneys available in our store, which can be easily connected and directed in any direction.

The PN1 Eco blast furnace manufactured by our company has all the necessary certificates and permits, as well as a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

When ordering a blast furnace PN1, you get a device completely ready for operation and an axial pressure fan supplied with the furnace.

How to choose the right blast furnace?

The thermal power of the furnace is one of the main and most important parameters of the device, since it determines its efficiency - calorific value. It should be noted that the efficiency of heating a fireplace depends on many factors, such as: the type of fuel used, the degree of insulation of the building, the type of windows, ventilation, and the outside temperature. The power of the furnace is optimally selected according to the formula: 1kW x 10m2, i.e. for a 15kW oven, we use an approximate calculation: 15kW x 10m2 = 150m2 (about 150m2 of heating area).

Declaration + instruction

Each oven has a rating plate with the most important technical parameters, CE marking and specification of the standards followed, as well as a product certification body. Instructions for use in Polish are included.



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